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Biz Apps Classroom, Episode 5: The evolution of role-based training

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

On this episode we are talking role-based training: where it works well, what roles tend to benefit, and how the concept has evolved in the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform ecosystem.

Role-based training in the Biz Apps space coincides with changes in Microsoft certifications, and that that has helped shift the focus of learners away from memorizing facts about software and toward developing skills, says our co-host, Julie Yack. And while Microsoft have their own overall approach to role-based training and certification, it is not the only reference out there. Julie shares some of her experiences training people in a range of roles and settings.

Show Notes:

  • 1:00 - How Julie thinks about roles from the perspective of a trainer
  • 2:30 - How to think about the trend toward role-based training in the broader context of jobs, hiring, and certification paths
  • 3:30 - The context and history behind role-based certifications from Microsoft - transition to a focus on outcomes
  • 5:00 - How the emergence of Power Platform and other changes at Microsoft resulted in a shift in training priorities
  • 9:00 - The relevance of Microsoft's core role-based learning paths for Biz Apps professionals
  • 10:00 - Why classroom training remains so effective
  • 12:00 - Career goals that align with role-based training
  • 14:00 - More tips from Julie about thinking about role-based opportunities
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