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Beyond the Data, Part 1: Turning News into Sales

by Heidi Tucker
VP Global Alliances, InsideView, InsideView, Inc.

You’ve heard it said that data is the new currency in business. I’m here to say, it’s not about the data, but what you do with the data that generates value.

Dynamics 365 is full of data, both data you enter into it and external data, if you have a sales intelligence add-on. As such, it’s a virtual gold mine of insights about your prospects and customers...if you know how to mine the gold.

In this series of articles, we’re going to explore how to use your CRM data for strategic advantage. First, we’ll look at how to use business insights - or news - to identify sales triggers and get the inside edge over your competition.

What are your sales triggers?

Did you know that a baby’s birth is a sales trigger for car dealers? Think about it. When a couple starts having kids, they often need to say goodbye to their sporty, two-door car and replace it with a more practical four-door with room for the baby seat and all the paraphernalia. Before long, as more babies arrive, a minivan or SUV starts looking pretty good. To a car salesperson, news about expectant parents and new births is prime hunting ground.

So what are your sales triggers?  If you don’t already know, look at your most successful sales. What do they have in common?  Was there a common need or event that triggered the buyer’s purchase?  Did they just expand and need more of what your company offers?  Did they get funding, which freed up the purse strings?  Did they merge with a company that was already using your services?

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About Heidi Tucker

Heidi Tucker is vice president of global alliances at InsideView, which provides InsideView Insights, a data enrichment and sales intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that embeds family trees directly into Dynamics account records. Heidi has been leading marketing, sales, and business development for cloud, financial services, and data companies for over 25 years. Heidi previously held executive positions at Hoover’s (a D&B company), LexisNexis, and Bank of America. Visit or register for free Insights training to learn more.

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