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Azure Updates: OpenAI Service; Generative AI; Healthcare; Phi-3

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

Director of Product Marketing Andy Beatman explored the way that Azure OpenAI Service can support telecom initiatives. Windstream, AudioCodes, AT&T, and Vodafone are using AI to streamline their operations. Winstream for instance is applying AI-powered analytics to tracking outages, using a pre-trained transformer GPT platform and AKS for indexing. AT&T is using OpenAI Service to automate business processes whereas Vodafone has deployed its TOBi digital assistant model.

Beatman also looked into the ways that generative AI can support personalized medicine. A recent MarketsandMarkets report indicates that AI in healthcare is poised to become a $148.4 billion market by 2029. A wide variety of companies are leveraging these AI capabilities. For example, TatvaCare uses Azure OpenAI to run its AskAI AI assistant, which has already helped to fill 180,000 prescriptions in recent months. Microsoft previously acquired Nuance, adding Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Copilot to its portfolio to automatically document patient experiences.

CVP Misha Bilenko announced the introduction of Phi-3, a family of open AI models created by Microsoft to support small language models. The new 3.8B language model is available on Microsoft Azure AI Studio, Hugging Face, and Ollama, available in a 4K and 128K context-length variant. Phi-3 is optimized for ONNX Runtime with support for Windows DirectML, also available as an NVIDIA NIM microservice.

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