Azure Review: Citus Data; Azure Kubernetes Service; PostgreSQL; Azure Government; Log analytics

January 31 2019

The end of January marked a relative slowdown in announcements from the Azure channel, but numerous small updates continued to flow from Microsoft, affecting Azure Kubernetes Service and PostgreSQL in particular. On January 24, Microsoft announced its acquisition of Citus Data, an open source extension to scale PostgreSQL databases. The goal of the acquisition is to add features like auto-tuning that will benefit customers. Sudhakar Sannakkayala, general manager for Azure Data stated:

As open source relational databases grow on Azure, we continue to see accelerated adoption from customers across various industry verticals serving diverse, mission-critical application patterns ranging from complex analytical applications for digital marketing to machine learning based IoT applications. These applications demand low latency and high query processing throughput…

Microsoft has joined the Python-focused SciKit-learn consortium, launched in September by Inria, the French national institute for computer science. As part of its contribution, Microsoft is supporting ONNX Runtime for cross-platform development as well as training in Azure Machine Learning.

Network analysis, Kentik, shared survey results collected at AWS re:Invent, indicating that multi-cloud is more common than hybrid cloud with up to 35 percent of respondents saying that they use Azure and AWS side by side.

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