Azure Insights: Resource Mover; VS Code extensions; Terraform; NSG rules

October 2 2020

Microsoft Azure pros share their insights on Resource Mover, VS Code extensions, deploying Terraform templates and NSG rules. 

Adopting Azure Resource Mover

Writing on Daniel's Tech Blog, Daniel Neumann explored Azure Resource Mover. The new service gives users the flexibility to shift resources across regions. He profiled a few potential use case: moving to a closer region to improve latency, shifting to areas with Availability Zones and meeting data residency and compliance requirements.

Currently, the offering is supported in a number of services already, including VMs and associated disks, NICs, availability sets, VNets, public IP addresses, network security groups or internal and public load balancers. In an example, Neumann walked fellow users through how to specify a subscription and source target regions, pick resources to move and initiate the process.

Best Visual Studio Code extensions for Azure

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