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Azure Insights: Kubernetes Service; Custom handlers; Multi-Factor Authentication; Resource Groups

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

Microsoft  Azure pros share their insights on setting up Kubernetes Service clusters, working with custom handlers, Multi-Factor Authentication and Resource Groups.

Setting up a Kubernetes Service cluster with Windows support

Richard Hooper, writing on Pixel Robots, examined Microsoft's announcement of Windows Server Container support for Kubernetes Service, announced on April 28. To date, Hooper has run Windows containers in a virtual machine scale set, conducting scaling with a Logic App. He explained that a Linux node pool is needed even when spinning up an AKS cluster for Windows node pools.

To begin with, users need to create a resource group and spin up a cluster, using network policy set with the Azure CNI network plugin. Within about two minutes, users should see a new AKS cluster with two Linux nodes needed for the first node pool. A taint gets added to the node pool and any new nodes created within that pool. He shared a variety of commands to test the setup and deployed an ASP.NET test application. Hooper wrote:

I am excited about windows containers. With the work Microsoft are doing to get the image size down I believe we will see more windows containers in the wild. There is still work to be done in my opinion but this is an amazing start. I would love to see a way for all existing Linux containers to not try and schedule on a windows node without using tolerations or node selectors, maybe one day this might happen or, node selector will become a requirement of all manifest files.

Making sense of Azure Function Custom Handlers

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