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Azure Insights: Failback with Disaster Recovery; Resource Graph; Bicep templates; Node pools

by MSCN Reporter
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Microsoft Azure pros discuss failback for an Azure VM with Disaster Recovery, changes in Resource Graph, Bicep templates, and Kubernetes node pools.

Carrying out failback for an Azure VM with Disaster Recovery

An author on the Learn IT and DevOps blog explained how to failback an Azure VM to its original region with disaster recovery. Azure best practices call for placing a VM in an Availability Set to support uptime. During planned outages, users can orchestrate VMs for automated failover to other regions using Site Recovery.

Site Recovery makes this possible because it maintains primary and secondary domains to reduce Azure IaaS problems.  During unplanned outages, users can failover VMs to a different region with Disaster Recovery. The author explained that the process to failback a VM is the same as failover to a second region.

Once the failover process is completed we need to re-protect the VM and we are done! Azure is smart enough to know that this is a failback operation and does not ask us to commit the changes. at the end of the failover, the secondary VM will be deleted automatically.

Changes in Resource Graph

Gregor Suttie, writing on AzureGreg, shared Resource Graph updates. He advised fellow users to check Microsoft documentation explaining the most recent changes. Users can deploy queries to show all resources created in the previous week, tags to group resources, and untagged resources.

If we have a new subscription we can add a landing zone and add tagging by default to the subscription, the resource group, the resources etc, using Azure policy, which is all fine. One other thing I like doing is adding a created date Tag to the resources on the day they were created incase I want to know this information at a later stage.

Creating Bicep templates with existing Azure resources

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