Azure Insights: Event Grid vs. Event Hubs; Azure Sentinel; PaaS connections; API Management; Kubernetes Service

October 1 2019

Azure pros share their insights on the differences between Event Grid and Event Hubs, Sentinel, setting up PaaS connections and more.

The difference between Event Grid and Event Hubs

Writing on the Serverless360 blog, Nadeem Ahamed went over the differences between Azure Event Grid and Event Hub. Although the names of the two services sound very similar, their purposes differ. Ahamed defined an Event as a lightweight notification, telling of a state or condition change, sent out from a publisher to a consumer. They take the form of discrete events, such as a file being placed in an account or series events, like a stream of events together in the case of IoT device telemetry readings. Messages by contrast are simply raw data to be consumed elsewhere.

Event Hubs is a managed and highly scalable data ingestion system that handles upwards of millions of events per second while Event Grid helps to build apps for event-based architectures. Ahamed recommends using Event Hub for capturing telemetry and saving Event Grid for shipping and moving scenarios. Azure Monitor ties in with both services to enable monitoring.

Getting going with Azure Sentinel

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