Azure Insights: Event Grid; Resource Graph dashboards; Action Groups vs. Action Rules; Integrating Container Registry with Monitor; AzCopy

December 3 2019

Azure pros share their insights on Event Grid retries, Resource Graph dashboards, integrating Container Registry with Azure Monitor and more.

Event Grid retries

Ranjith Eswaran, writing on the Serverless360 Blog, examined Event Grid delivery and retry policies. Event Grid helps build event-driven, serverless apps and manages routing for different events. System Event Grid Topics are predefined Azure services that can generate events, like Container Registry, Event  Hubs or many Azure subscriptions while Custom Event Grid Topics can be used—as the name suggests—for customized events, often using libraries.

When thinking about Event Grid, it's also important to consider where Event Subscriptions go to. According to Eswaran, destinations include Flow, Functions, Azure Automation, Logic Apps, Webhooks and others. He explained more about delivery and architecture and then noted the 30 second acknowledgement window from destination endpoints or the service's retry timing. Additionally, he shared more details about different codes, delivery status and dead-letter events.

Understanding dashboards for Azure Resource Graph

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