Aryaka joins Azure Networking Managed Service Provider program

July 22 2019

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) provider, Aryaka Networks, based in San Mateo, California, announced that it is taking part in the co-launch of the Azure Networking Managed Service Provider program with Microsoft.

In conjunction with Microsoft Inspire, Aryaka indicated that it plans to use Azure Networking Services Virtual WAN in combination with its SD-WAN offering for customers. David Ginsburg, VP of product and solutions marketing at Aryaka explained the announcement in an interview with MSDW, noting that many companies are creating multi-cloud strategies for regional diversity, different features or price arbitrage—demand that Microsoft and its partners are working to meet.

The initial networking offering is the VWAN service. Several months ago they announced several technology partners, SD-WAN technology vendors as part of the service. Now they're gluing the managed service offering into that. Taking value out of connectivity into Azure and putting it into what they call a VWAN hub, a virtual aggregation for VNets in Azure, to better scale, better manage. [We are] connecting into that through ExpressConnect, or if we don't have [that type of] connection in [an Azure] region, through Aryaka Network Access Points with IPsec tunnels…At the same time we're providing manageability and scalability from the hub out into the SD-WAN edge. This could be the first of a number of announcements that relate to future Azure Networking Services offering.

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