10 tips to get Microsoft Dynamics ERP BI ready - without all the pitfalls

May 8 2014

A recent study identified that many business intelligence and analytics projects waiver because companies fail to appreciate the levels of complexity. With 100's of implementations to their name, our team of BI consultants have compiled a list of simple design and configuration suggestions that will help companies get their Dynamics ERP BI (business intelligence) ready without all the pitfalls.

About Michael Evans

Michael started his career as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young and made the switch to software as the PC boom was starting. He specialised in business intelligence and reporting software and was drawn to PrecisionPoint, which he joined in 2009, by the company's innovative approach to BI.  He enjoys leading a company that simplifies access to decision-critical operational metrics for Dynamics NAV and AX users enabling an accelerated and smarter management of the ‘Close to Report' (C2R) cycle. With dual bases in the US and UK, PrecisionPoint Software is used by successful companies worldwide including Americana International, Intematix, Broadsoft, Agent Provocateur, Fitflop/BrandHandling, Koppers and NTT Europe.

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