Management Reporter

MSDW Podcast: GP Tech Conference 2017 Roundup

Service Industry Focus: Advertising, marketing & PR, powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX

MSX Group Introduces Prospero Financial Reporting Analysis Solution To Microsoft Dynamics GP Market

New Data on BI and Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Spring 2016

Findings based on new research of the Dynamics GP community, shared by MSDW in June 2016

New Data on Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Charting User and Partner Priorities (Webcast Recording, June 2016)

Exploring the BI and reporting challenges and opportunities faced by today's Dynamics GP customers and their partners.

New Data on BI and Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics AX: Spring 2016

Presentation featured in the MSDW BI and Reporting Spring 2016 webcast series featuring Dynamics AX findings.
GP Insights

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP: The Crown Vic of Financial Statement Preparation

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