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Order Fulfillment Worksheet for Business Central

About This Solution

Optimize your order fulfillment process by focusing on in-stock orders.

Optimize your order fulfillment operations with the Order Fulfillment Worksheet. This dynamic tool provides real-time insight into what can be shipped today, automating warehouse shipments and picks creation. It prevents wasted time on orders held back by stock unavailability. Prioritize orders, manage backorders effectively, and gain comprehensive order details. It's your compact solution for a streamlined, proactive order fulfillment process.


  • Time-Saving: Real-time insights into available orders for shipment optimize your fulfillment process, freeing up valuable time for other business operations.
  • Informed Decision Making: Comprehensive inventory and order detail access enable smarter, data-driven decision-making, reducing potential order fulfillment hindrances.
  • Enhanced Control: Ability to prioritize and group orders provides increased control over order fulfillment, enabling targeted customer service and efficiency.
  • Simplified Operations: Automated pick and shipment creation reduces manual tasks, simplifying your warehouse operations and reducing the potential for errors.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Effective backorder management ensures orders are fulfilled promptly as new stock arrives, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Order Status Updates: Real-time tracking of order availability status (fully, partially, or not available).
  • Detailed Order Line Info: Insights into order-specific details and potential fulfillment hindrances.
  • Sorting: Orders are sorted by shipment date by default, with optional custom sorting and filtering capabilities.
  • Order Grouping: Orders can be grouped based on variables like carrier service, customer, region, etc.
  • Warehouse Movement Management: Provides guidance on necessary warehouse movements for shipment execution.
  • Inventory Allocation: Shows availability and allocation of items required for orders, with a manual modification option.
  • Pick Generation: Enables the creation of warehouse picks and associated shipments with a few clicks.
  • Fact Box: Offers detailed insights into specific order lines, such as availability and gross requirements.
  • Inventory Information: Detailed insights into available and needed quantities for each order.
  • Order Prioritization: Allows assigning priority to certain orders or customers for efficient fulfillment.
  • Backorder Management: Simplifies backorder handling, helping users identify and fulfill backorders upon product reception.

Typical Users

  • Warehouse Manager: The individual responsible for managing all warehouse operations, including order fulfillment. They would use this app to oversee the order status, manage inventory allocation, and guide warehouse movements efficiently.
  • Order Fulfillment Specialist: This role focuses specifically on ensuring that customer orders are processed and fulfilled accurately and on time. They would use this app to prioritize orders, manage backorders, and track order status updates in real time.
  • Inventory Controller: The person who manages and controls inventory levels within a company. They would find the app useful for its real-time inventory information, order line details, and guidance on warehouse movements.
  • Supply Chain Manager: This role oversees and manages all aspects of the supply chain, including order fulfillment. They would utilize this app for its features like order grouping, prioritization, and detailed order and inventory insights, leading to more efficient and data-driven decision-making.
  • Logistics Coordinator: An individual responsible for coordinating and overseeing the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse. They would use this app to group orders by various criteria such as carrier service or region, facilitating efficient logistics planning.
  • Warehouse Pickers: These users can benefit from the Order Fulfillment Worksheet's automated pick generation feature, which simplifies the creation of warehouse picks and associated shipments. The app also provides guidance on necessary warehouse movements for shipment execution, streamlining the picking process and reducing the potential for errors.

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