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About This Solution

MxAPS revolutionizes production planning and scheduling, transforming it from an inaccurate and time-consuming task into a responsive, repeatable, and highly accurate decision support activity.

Seamlessly integrating with Dynamics 365 Business Central, MxAPS generates realistic and optimized manufacturing plans to maximize efficiency. With its holistic approach, MxAPS drives operational excellence, improving not only the shop floor but also impacting key areas across your entire business.


  • Optimized Production: MxAPS's advanced scheduling and planning capabilities result in optimized production schedules, ensuring efficient use of resources, reducing bottlenecks, and improving overall productivity.
  • Reduced Costs: By optimizing resource utilization and minimizing downtime, MxAPS helps businesses reduce costs associated with idle resources, overtime, and excessive inventory levels.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Responsive and just-in-time scheduling ensures timely order fulfillment, enabling businesses to meet customer demands, reduce lead times, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Production Efficiency: MxAPS streamlines production processes by minimizing setup and changeover times, reducing idle time, and maximizing throughput, improving production efficiency and output.
  • Better Resource Allocation: With resource utilization optimization, MxAPS enables businesses to allocate machines, labor, and other resources effectively, ensuring maximum utilization and minimizing underutilization.
  • Streamlined Operations: By integrating shop activity modelling, enhanced routing, and segmentation, MxAPS helps businesses streamline their operational processes, improving workflow, reducing errors, and optimizing production sequences.
  • Improved Planning and Decision Making: MxAPS provides predictive maintenance, decision support, and configurable scheduling rules, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, proactively plan maintenance activities, and optimize scheduling based on specific business requirements.
  • Increased Profitability: With improved production efficiency, reduced costs, optimized inventory management, and enhanced customer satisfaction, MxAPS contributes to increased business profitability.


  • Advanced Scheduling and Planning: MxAPS offers advanced capabilities to efficiently schedule production orders based on priority, due dates, and sequencing rules.
  • Resource Optimization: Optimize resource utilization by allocating machines, labor, and other resources for maximum productivity.
  • Production Efficiency Improvement: Improve production efficiency by reducing downtime, setup times and maximizing throughput.
  • Responsive and Just-In-Time Scheduling: Schedule production orders based on real-time demand, customer priorities, and delivery requirements.
  • Maintenance Planning and Downtime Management: Plan preventive maintenance tasks, manage equipment downtime, and minimize disruptions to the production schedule.
  • Inventory Management: Manage and control inventory by accurately scheduling and sequencing production orders, minimizing excess inventory levels.
  • Sales, Finance, and Purchasing Support: Generate accurate schedules, optimize resource allocation, and facilitate timely order fulfillment for improved financial performance and customer service
  •  Visualization and Customization: Provide a user-friendly interface with graphical visualization and customizable views to understand and modify schedules quickly.

Typical Users

  • Manufacturing Companies: Businesses in various industries that benefit from MxAPS's advanced finite capacity scheduling in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Production Planners and Schedulers: Professionals responsible for generating optimized production schedules using MxAPS.
  • Plant Managers: Managers overseeing plant operations who maximize resource utilization and drive operational improvements with MxAPS.
  • Operations Managers: Managers utilizing MxAPS to enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Managers: Professionals managing inventory levels and optimizing inventory processes with MxAPS.
  • Supply Chain Managers: Managers leveraging MxAPS to optimize supply chain coordination and efficiency.
  • Operations Analysts: Analysts using MxAPS to analyze data, model scenarios, and drive operational improvements.
  • Production Engineers: Engineers optimizing routing processes and enhancing production efficiency with MxAPS.
  • Shop Floor Supervisors: Supervisors monitoring production schedules and ensuring smooth workflow with MxAPS.
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): SMEs benefiting from cost-effective and tailored production planning and scheduling solutions with MxAPS.
  • HR Personnel: HR professionals who utilize MxAPS to align workforce capacity and availability with production schedules, ensuring effective resource allocation and labor planning.

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