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Next-Level Production: Explore Automated Scheduling in Business Central Wave 1

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central rolls out its 2024 Wave 1 enhancements, Insight Works is pleased to announce that the latest release of MxAPS is fully compatible with these updates, bringing enhanced features and capabilities to automated production scheduling.

About MxAPS

MxAPS by Insight Works is an advanced automated production scheduling tool designed for manufacturing companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central. It revolutionizes production planning by transforming labor-intensive processes into a streamlined, highly efficient operation. MxAPS is ideal for production planners, plant managers, and operations analysts seeking to optimize complex scheduling scenarios across multiple machines and production lines. 

With each update, Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to improve its core functionalities to support businesses’ evolving needs. The 2024 Wave 1 release is no exception, providing key updates that enhance productivity and user experience. MxAPS aligns perfectly with these enhancements, ensuring that users receive the most advanced and efficient scheduling tools available.

Key Features of the Latest MxAPS Release:

  • Seamless Integration: The latest MxAPS seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2024 Wave 1, providing a unified approach to managing production schedules without the hassle of compatibility issues.
  • Enhanced Automation Capabilities: With the new release, MxAPS further automates scheduling tasks, reducing manual intervention, and allowing manufacturers to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Advanced Scheduling Features: MxAPS continues to push the boundaries of what automated production scheduling can do, incorporating sophisticated algorithms that optimize production efficiency and resource utilization.

This release reinforces Insight Works’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s platforms, driving operational excellence and innovation in manufacturing scheduling. To learn more, visit or reach out to Microsoft Partner.

About Insight Works

Insight Works is an established Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in developing cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central applications. By focusing on comprehensive solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries, we create applications that extend the functionality of Business Central, empowering users to enhance efficiency, productivity, and growth. 

With a global network of over 500 Microsoft Partners, we provide unparalleled service and support to clients worldwide while directly catering to end-users. Headquartered in Canada and supported by remote offices in the United States and the Netherlands, Insight Works has achieved numerous accolades for exceptional company growth and commitment to excellence over the past six years. Our international presence allows us to understand and cater to the evolving demands of the global market, reinforcing our promise to deliver outstanding value to our customers and partners worldwide. 

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