The Power of Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Together for Customer Service Organizations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Webcast Series

Thursday, October 30, 2014 @ 12:00 PM EDT


Document management is an essential part of most customer service organizations. Today, users hdemand the flexibility of version control, workflow, and document tracking while performing day-to-day activities with their clients. Many organizations use both SharePoint and Dynamics CRM but, for one reason or another, operate these systems independently. 

However, the fact is that a rich integration exists between CRM and SharePoint and this opens up many new possibilities for presenting and interacting with data - whether through web parts, portals, or other means. 

In this presentation we will review the benefits, demonstrate the integration points, and showcase some success stories we have created with our clients using CRM and SharePoint. If you are well-versed in SharePoint but are curious how it could be used to enhance your CRM system, then this session is for you.    


Senior CRM Application Consultant, Catapult