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Updated! Testing Best Practices for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Solutions

Download the slides from Stefano's presentation.

Whether you are a software developer, QA tester, or product manager, this webinar will help you master different types of testing of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications, using a combination of tools and best practices for creating robust automated tests.

For a start, Dynamics 365 is - let's put it this way - a "sophisticated" product that is somewhat complex to test with automatic scripts. For example, testers will have to deal with concepts such as "nested iframes", "deep object trees" and "dynamic IDs for child windows" when trying to automate simple processes. Just making the script recorder find the right element in the application requires the tester to spend a lot of time scripting the correct locator strategy.

In addition, Dynamics 365 solutions often integrate with other systems. How do you ensure that the existing integrations are reliable, secure and can scale? How do you test data flow to and from Dynamics 365 for consistency and accuracy?

In this recorded webinar you will learn about intelligent UI adapters to automate testing of web page fields of any kind in Dynamics 365 applications. You will see how to write tests that you can reuse over time, without writing code to maintain Selenium scripts. You will get familiar with open source frameworks for testing