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Transitioning to Microsoft’s Unified Client Interface – Are You Ready?

A major (and mandatory) system update is coming to Dynamics 365 between now and October and you need to be sure your organization is ready. Microsoft is deprecating its classic web interface, thereby pushing clients to upgrade to the new Unified Client Interface (UCI). You can schedule the conversion to UCI whenever it is convenient for your organization, but if it’s not done by September 30, 2020, it will happen automatically on October 1.

The interface dictates how your forms and fields look and function within your Dynamics 365 environment. Thus, preparing for the UCI upgrade requires redesigning forms and business rules, as well as updating all JavaScript to ensure compatibility. It involves much more than simply flipping a switch!

The good news is that once your system is ready for the UCI and your organization is converted, you will love the new features:

  • Improved navigation and performance
  • Intelligent forms: simply design once and deploy. Each form auto-adjusts in real time – based on device being used – for optimized display
  • Cleaner, more uniform look with the ability to see more data without scrolling
  • Interactive dashboard capabilities
  • Faster load times

Watch this recorded webcast where PowerObjects uncovers all the benefits of the UCI and describes how you can prepare for the upgrade to maximize your business outcomes!