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Secrets to Selling Microsoft Dynamics Masterclass: Talking to Decision Makers about Business Applications

This session is part of the “How to Sell” webinar series for VARs and SIs.

As a professional seller, it's essential to grab the attention of C-level executives and stand out from the generic pitches they hear regularly. Watch this on-demand session with Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon and a panel of senior sales leaders from the Dynamics partner community for an open discussion and Q&A on effectively engaging in meaningful business conversations with C-suite executives.

We cover how to:

  • Prepare for an executive business meeting.
  • Understand what is important to C-suite executives.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Position your offerings for the C-suite.
  • Develop post-meeting follow-up strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and enhance your selling strategies.