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Secrets to Selling Dynamics: Tax Compliance Automation

This session is part of the “Secrets to Selling Dynamics” webinar series for VARs and SIs.

Unlocking success in the realm of Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform sales requires a strategic approach tailored to the needs of your clients. In this session from the "Secrets to Selling" master class series for Microsoft partners, we'll guide you on incorporating Avalara's tax compliance automation solutions into your ERP business development strategy to drive better client results.

Avalara's Melissa Craig and Matt Patrick talk with Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon about the pivotal role that tax management plays in your ERP strategy and why Avalara is uniquely positioned to work with Dynamics partners. Our discussion features insights from industry leaders who will help equip you to meet your channel goals and offer exceptional value to your clients.
During this session, you'll gain:

  • Insight into the tax compliance automation market today and its outlook.
  • Strategies for identifying tax compliance opportunities
  • Actionable sales strategies for tax compliance automation
  • Information on proven use cases and industry verticals where Avalara excels.
  • Guidance on mobilizing your existing projects to optimize tax management.
  • And much more!