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Resco & Key2Act Partner Success Story

Key2Act is a long-time Resco partner and the winner of the 2021 Resco Partner of the Year award. They specialize in building intelligence, field service, and construction management markets.

Hundreds of Resco customers, including more than 11,000 mobile users, have been relying on their solutions to power service operations. In total, 600+ clients turn to Key2Act, not only for industry expertise but also for the knowledge extended by their professional services and customer-centric teams that deliver solutions that simplify complex business problems.

Join Andrew Lorraine, CEO at Resco, Jeff Nelson, Director of Customer Strategy, and Dan Balsbaush, Software Architect at Key2Act, to learn more about their Resco journey, their current business focus, feedback from their customers on Resco Inspections, and more.

Learn more about Key2Act:

We’re Resco, one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. We enable companies to collect, access, share and evaluate vital business data in the field.

Today, Resco products mobilize over 200,000 licensed users at 2000+ corporate customers worldwide and are supported by a network of 600+ partners.