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From Now to Wow! Improving Your Customers’ Experiences

For most organizations improving customer service is a strategic priority. While customer-facing team members engage in the bulk of customer transactions, they are not the only associates who determine customer satisfaction. In fact, every associate—from the CEO to the new intern—has the ability to impact customer satisfaction because their decisions impact internal customer satisfaction. Improving the customer experience requires an organization-wide approach and participation from all team members. In this session, Innovia Customer Engagement Specialist Mary Malone, MS, JD, will introduce a key concept that can be used as a shared starting point for all these conversations: E= G plus SS.

Watch this free webinar with Mary as she offers:

A quick look at customer survey data – we’re all doing a good job
What it means – From Now to Wow?
A cursory look at NPS (Net Promoter Score)
The difference between intent and outcome
How to put E=G+SS to work for you

Mary brings more than three decades of experience using survey data, process improvement, leadership development, and a sense of humor to improve customer and employee satisfaction/engagement in several hundred organizations.