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Intro to Real-Time Financial Reporting in Dynamics F&SCM and AX

Welcome to Your Enhanced Reporting Experience in Dynamics! 

Want to revolutionize your financial reporting in Dynamics AX & D365 F&SCM? In this 45-minute-long whirlwind tour, Jason Carter– Senior Solution Engineering for Dynamics at insightsoftware – takes you through the essentials to optimize your financial reporting experience in Dynamics AX and D365 F&SCM, all within the familiar environment of Excel! 

We'll cover everything from launching the tool and core functionalities to advanced features: 

  • New object menu options: single cell formulas, cache-driven objects, table objects, styles, and formatting 
  • Joining tables and merging reports between systems 
  • Matrix dynamic reporting and grouping 
  • Connecting Atlas to other documents outside of Excel 
  • Using the incremental and master cache 
  • Batch processing functions and their applications 
  • Automation tools using batch tasks 
  • Desktop client tour for visual dashboard reports 
  • Using and creating drill downs 
  • Bursting reports for different stakeholders