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How to Supercharge Power BI with Write-Back & Planning

Ever need to go beyond analysis in Power BI? Wish you could enter data, model, forecast, add detailed comments, and write-back in real-time? You can, with Power ON.

Watch this session, and you will learn how to build write-back enabled Power BI reports yourself, streamline planning cycles, make comments on data points, design models on the fly, perform what-if scenarios, and write-back to over 200 data sources.

And for Excel-lovers, we’ll share how our Power XL brings you the future of Power BI interaction; now! Enabling the same write-back, commentary, and planning capabilities with full client-side spreadsheet functionality, all controlled inside Power BI.

This session features real-world success stories and use cases, including Sales Forecasting, Demand Planning, Capacity Planning, and more.

Watch to learn how you can Supercharge your Microsoft Power BI with Collaborative Data Enrichment, Modeling, Planning, Reporting & Write-back.