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The History of Business Intelligence: Turning Past Lessons into Present and Future Successes

By examining the history of Business Intelligence, both its past promise and its real results from intelligence-gathering systems, we can more accurately foresee our future. Join BI and government intelligence veteran Lou Clark for an examination of the trends and technology that have driven the field of BI and continue to determine its success in government and industry projects, including concepts like DSS, end-user computing, EIS, OLAP and today's BI, analytics, data mining, structured v. unstructured data, collaboration (social computing) and enterprise knowledge management. 

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Lou has been there through the various incarnations of BI, in commerce and in government. He will show us how to remember its past -and its past failures to deliver - so that you can get the most possible benefit from its future promise. But the promise remains because of social networking, data visualization, mobile BI, predictive analytics, composite applications, and cloud computing.

This talk will take a realistic look at issues that have plagued past BI projects related to cost, complexity, lack of sufficient talent and appropriate systems. In particular, Lou will call our attention to the value of "Composite Applications" - operational applications with callable BI components, with improvements in response time, scaling, and concurrence.

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