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External Users Demystified with Ben Vollmer & Resco

Explore the myriad possibilities and key considerations when extending your Microsoft Business Applications to external users. Dive deep into various scenarios during this session, arming yourself with the insights needed to make informed choices and deploy impactful solutions leveraging Resco solutions.

Your organization may use Dynamics 365 to help interact with Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Subcontractors, and many other groups. Microsoft description of External Users can be confusing and unclear to many customers.  

Microsoft’s Licensing can seem complicated and complex. Learn from the experts at Resco on how to understand Microsoft’s licensing around “External Users” for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Learn about what an External User is and isn’t and how you can make sure you stay compliant with Microsoft’s licensing regardless of if you use Resco or not.

The webinar is presented by Ben Vollmer, Strategic Advisor at Resco. With a distinguished 16-year career at Microsoft, Ben held several leadership positions within the Dynamics 365 business unit. His extensive background spans consulting, sales, product development, and product management, covering a diverse range of industries and markets. Ben is recognized as an industry veteran, known for his pragmatic approach to solving complex business challenges. Ben’s insights are complemented by Eduard Kesely, Head of Product at Resco.

You will learn about:

  • Defining an External User Strategy for your organization
  • The difference between “working for” and “working on behalf.”
  • Seeing how Resco can help with making sure your organization integrated with its suppliers, customers, donors, and other groups.
  • Some common pitfalls we see customers making and how to avoid them.