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10 Dangers to Avoid in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Trainer readiness

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Danger: One of the dangers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O training is to assume a good core team member will also make a great trainer. In D365 implementations, partners usually train the core team, and core team members are expected to train end users. Being a good trainer requires a certain type of personality, willingness, and skill set. Also, even if someone is a good trainer, she may be too nervous to teach D365 yet. This is understandable, as it is harder to teach topics that are relatively new to a person. For these reasons, assuming every core team member would be a natural instructor and start training right away might not be a good plan.

How to avoid: Avoid this danger by supporting your trainers in multiple ways. One way is to make sure they are given enough time to not only prepare training materials but also prepare to teach. Another way is to minimize any risks around software issues during training. When teaching, if D365 does not function as intended, this would create a lot of stress for the trainer and diminish confidence within learners. One way to avoid this may be to start teaching the first training sessions from pre-recorded videos rather than live D365. As trainers become more comfortable and issues in D365 are resolved, they can start using D365 training instance.

You can use pre-recorded sessions within online training this way, at least at the beginning. As the training instance of D365 becomes more stable and trusted, online training recordings can be used as a backup.