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10 Dangers to Avoid in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Post go-live training

This video is part of a series created by Microsoft MVP Elif ItemSee all the videos here.

Danger: One of the dangers in Dynamics 365 training is to assume end user training and support ends at go-live. As much as users are trained and practiced before go-live, it that moment when all users start to use D365 in their day-to-day jobs. There are a few dangers during the first few weeks of go-live. Users may feel unsure about what to do and delay actions or make errors. Since D365 is an integrated system, incorrect transactions will have negative downstream affects. Also, since go-live starts with migrated data and new configuration, there may be unexpected errors that users are not familiar with that may create confusion. And lastly there may be bugs in D365 extensions that were not discovered during testing that would further complicate business scenarios and user experience.

How to avoid: Avoid this danger by minimizing errors made during this time and improving users’ knowledge and skill sets quickly. It is important to have not only consultants in your support team to investigate errors and data issues but also trainers to make sure users are following procedures and completing their daily work. The issues encountered during go-live should be categorized based on the type of the issue as well as severity. Training issues should not be overlooked, and users will continue to make same mistakes if they are not retrained. A well organized and searchable training and reference materials library can also be very helpful to users during this time.

Online training with searchable content made of small units can be utilized as a reference tool during go-live. Users can search for specific things that they are looking for before they contact support. It can help to make sure valuable resources are allocated to critical issues while users become more self-sufficient.