10 Dangers to Avoid in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Learning styles

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Danger: One of the dangers in D365 training is not accommodating different learning styles of the participants. Learners have different personalities and ways to learn. Some are very engaged, interactive and asks lots of questions, while others are shy and quiet. If these learners are grouped together and trained the same way, you will have different learning outcomes. For example, if a shy participant does not understand a concept, she will not be inclined to ask questions while someone more energetic may dominate most of the discussions. 

How to avoid: Avoid this danger by giving participants different learning options. One of the things that will help is to organize learners into smaller groups for better interaction within the group. In a large classroom environment, a learner may be less inclined to ask questions. In addition, teaching topics in smaller units with clear beginning and end would also help. This will make the training less ambiguous for everyone. Also, giving learners ability to repeat training materials at their own time will take some of the pressure away.

Online training can be helpful with this challenge. Learners can watch online training multiple times to get a concept without feeling the pressure of a classroom environment. They can take their time to digest the information and revisit it again at their convenience.

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