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10 Dangers to Avoid in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Existing training

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Danger: One of the dangers in Dynamics 365 training is the creation of all D365 training materials in-house without utilizing what is already available in ecosystem. There are some standard training options available like documents, test cases, guides, and online training that can be very helpful. In D365 implementations, partners usually train the core team, and the core team is expected to create the end user training materials and deliver them. Considering how busy core team members are, expecting them to create all training materials from scratch may not be feasible.

How to avoid: Avoid this danger by utilizing readily available materials for standard D365 as a baseline. Instead of investing time, energy, and budget to create everything from scratch, it is best to use what is available as a foundation and focus on developing training for what is unique in your implementation. This way, the core team members can focus on your implementation-specific training like ISV solutions, extensions, and reporting.

Online training can be a very helpful option here. It can be used as the foundation to cover the standard D365 functions like navigation, D365 basics, order entry, finance, procurement, etc. which would allow core team members to focus on more complicated topics.