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Will New Dynamics CRM 4.0 Leave Users of Old Versions Short of Support?

by Jason Gumpert

A new version of a software program can make users of the old version insecure about support-as in, how long will support on the old version be available?

So it is that the pending introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 has users of CRM 3.0 nervous.

"A question that people often ask me is; when will Microsoft stop supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0," says blogger Microsoft CRM Freak.

The question has come up often enough that Microsoft reps are trying to reassure users about the company's provisions, which are to offer five years of "mainstream support, followed by an additional five years "extended support." Simon Hutson, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology specialist with Microsoft UK Limited, writes on his blog, that "if you have the relevant support agreements in place with us, you will be able to get at least ten years product support," enabling customers "to either keep their existing products or upgrade as they desire."

The only areas not provided for in extended support are no-charge incident support, warranty claims, and design changes and feature requests.


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