Why Your Project is Not a Product: What it really means to take the leap into packaged software

January 21 2015

Professional service organizations often struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition, which leads to a race to the bottom on price.  But we all know that price is just one piece of the value pie. Another attribute highly valued by clients is risk mitigation. The vendor with the best price to risk ratio usually gets the job.

About Wendell Simmons

Wendell Simmons, principal at Simmons Consulting, uses product management and product marketing techniques to help businesses delivery more successful products.  Grounded on a software engineering foundation, Wendell extended his expertise into sales consulting, product management, marketing, and strategy over 20 years with startups and large software vendors alike.  When not serving clients, he focuses on developments in CRM, mobile apps, and video marketing. Wendell also serves on the board of the Product Management Consortium. Contact Wendell through wendellsimmonsconsulting.com

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