Why Invest in a Local User Group for Microsoft Dynamics?

May 17 2011

With so many demands on our time and so much noise in the world, why invest in either attending a user group meeting or going that one step further and creating a local or regional user group for a Microsoft Dynamics product?

About Anne Stanton

Anne Stanton is a long time advocate and passionate supporter of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. She has worn the hat of SMB CRM Consultant, Dynamics CRM Partner and Enterprise user and has experience working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2004, starting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM v1.2.

Anne has twenty years of business and technology experience always focused on leveraging the latest applications for the highest efficiencies in business. She has an under graduate degree from University of Illinois in Computer Science and a graduate degree in Business Administration and Accounting from University of Phoenix mixing technology, finance and business best practices.

Anne has been a speaker at numerous conferences and is the author of numerous articles and two blogs, the CRM Lady blog at http://www.crmlady.com and the Intermingling Outlooks on Technology and Business blog at http://executiveblogging.blogs.com.

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