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Why Do You Need a Post Implementation Review (PIR) for Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Project?

by Yogesh Kasat
Consultant & Founder, Real Dynamics

You've just gone through an intense implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Most likely, you are ready to move on to other initiatives and are expecting your new, significant investment to start paying dividends. At this point, it may seem superfluous, redundant, or just plain wearisome to spend time reviewing your implementation results. However, there are some tangible benefits to doing so:

  • Identify unused potential of your Dynamics AX investments
  • Discover training opportunities for users across your organization
  • Identify solutions for lingering business pain points (Implementation issues, product gaps, business process inefficiencies)
  • Redefine your roadmap - short and long term
  • Analyze opportunities to boost future project effectiveness
  • Get business team re-engaged in continuous improvement culture

When is the right time for a post-implementation review (PIR)? Ideally, organizations should plan a review six to eight weeks after the conclusion of the initial implementation. By then, the dust has hopefully settled down and the system is being used in the intended fashion. If that does not happen or you are already well past that point, your team can still benefit from a review during the upgrade planning process.

What are the key deliverables you can expect from a well-run post implementation review?

  • Recommendations on how to use standard platform functionality to reduce or eliminate use of customizations. Highlighting opportunities to fix structural issues in your architecture
  • Discovery of relevant features in your existing platform that are not implemented and can be helpful
  • Roadmap of effective business intelligence and reporting strategies for the enterprise
  • Business process improvements & platform customizations tuning to address business challenges
  • Explanation of new features you ...

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About Yogesh Kasat

Yogesh Kasat is one of the founding members of Real Dynamics. For more than 10 years he has worked as a Solution Architect and other leadership roles on numerous Dynamics AX implementations, taking several large engagements to successful completion. For more information on Real Dynamics services, please contact us at

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