Top Feature Request, RTC Row Copy and Paste, To Go From Community to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

August 13 2012

Sometimes it is the details that get people motivated.When it comes to the community-supported ILoveNAV site, the community's top requested feature for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is, and has been for some time, the ability to cut and paste rows in RTC.

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Rine's picture

We have full copy/paste functionality for all kinds of entities in our ISV solution for both RTC and classic client for a long time already. Please contact me if you want to know more. Rine le Comte To-Increase mailto:rlcomte@to-increase

Julia Baxter's picture

Check out Cost Control Software's Foundation Pack. It has had emailing key documents for over a year as a standard feature. Don't wait for Microsoft. Get this feature and many more for your clients now. Visit

noisivanscimanyd's picture

Hi all, I'd like to see these features: 1.) To be able to search for an email address. The search does not work because of the @ sign. 2.) To be able to delete a contact.Yes, it happens from time to time that people retire, quit working or die. All those contacts may not be deleted easily since they might be referenced somewhere in the system. But the system does not tell you where! Thanks Noisivanscimanyd