Tips for Using RapidStart for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to Migrate from QuickBooks

Having pounded on the new RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 for weeks as Convergence 2013 has approached, I wanted to provide the tips I've discovered that will assist clients and other implementers. I'm an avid fan of one-page, quick start guides, but in this case I can't recommend enough that you read the 65 page RapidStartServicesGP.PDF from beginning to end before you begin any part of the installation. To obtain both the code and the PDF, start with authorized access to CustomerSource or PartnerSource, search for RapidStart and follow the links to the RapidStart for GP 2013 download site.

Then go over the following checklists where I add my experiences and recommendations.


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About Gloria Braunschweig

Gloria has experience across the full spectrum of business operations and management. Decades of experience are documented in the book Rapid Implementation, establishing Gloria as a specialists using Microsoft SQL tools for implementation, integration, and business intelligence related to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Gloria writes and presents on lean implementation concepts and business management systems for small and mid-size businesses. 

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QB Inventory Asset Account

Question posed to GloriaB:
Hi, thanks for the nice and informative blog on RMT tips. I have a question on "inventory asset" account that should be defined in QB 2010. How does this account gets mapped to our existing inventory account? Or can we rename the total inventory (sum of all inventories) account to be "Inventory asset" or just create a dummy account in QB with taxline being "unassigned". appreciate your inputs. thank you

GloriaB says:
With a migration the inventory account and all other GL accounts are simply inserted into GP with their QuickBooks account number. We prefer to use the PSTL utility to re-configure the accounts after they're imported to GP rather than do any translation during or prior to the RapidStart Migration. The PSTL utility to modify account numbers is very powerful and friendly with its translation, validation, and potential to combine accounts. And it's free.