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Take an integrated approach to Microsoft Dynamics AX and Magento for e-commerce efficiency

by Anudeep Ananth
Assistant Marketing Manager, i95Dev, i95Dev

Have you ever considered that your business efficiency is directly proportional to your ERP efficiency? According to the 2018 ERP Report from Panorama Consulting, 64 percent of companies implement ERP to improve their business performance. Many companies with an e-commerce presence already have an ERP in place. Is your e-commerce team using your ERP to its full potential?

Over the last decade, Dynamics AX grew to become one of the most popular ERPs in the market. Customers across industries use it to build the functionalities global competencies and reach. Given the mid-market to enterprise market served by AX and its successor, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO), Microsoft has been putting extra emphasis on the product, in part because it directly competes with key vendors like SAP and Oracle.

In this article, we will explore ways that Dynamics AX can be used in combination with the Magento e-commerce platform, helping to boost business performance and efficiency. We will look at D365FO in a future article.

Analyze and prioritize your requirements 

Having a good sense of your goals is important going into the efficiency improvement process in the context of investing in ERP and e-commerce. Teams should talk to their technology experts about the feasibility of their goals and select the implementation partner that seems most aligned with their needs. After identifying initial features that you will need, you can continuously audit performance and make improvements.

Custom features and integrations are common in the context of Dynamics AX, though not all e-commerce companies need customizations. A well-built integration between Magento and AX helps businesses achieve new performance wins across many of the major aspects of e-commerce.

Let's consider six examples of how integration is beneficial:

Managing customer information

The complexity of managing customer information is often understated. Customer information can exist in various states in different systems. You can improve your customer experience by syncing between AX and Magento.

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