Solution Match: New Dynamics matchmaking event opens for registration

August 23 2021 (MSDW) has announced the launch of Solution Match 2021, a unique and free-to-attend online matchmaking event. Taking place September 14 and 15, the event has a single goal: to accelerate the way Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform users and partners research new ISV solutions by making it easy to have informational meetings with a broad range of vendors in a short amount of time.

In the few weeks leading up to Solution Match's live meeting days, users and consultants can register and experience the event's matching algorithm. Based on your registration details, the event will suggest the solution providers that best match your stated interests, along with showing you the full list of twenty-five sponsoring vendors. Attendees then decide which solution providers they want to meet with and request 20-minute informational meetings. The solution providers see those requests and choose whether to accept each meeting. The meetings take place directly within the matchmaking platform on the live event days and the experience offers what we've all come to expect from online meetings: simple browser-based video, voice, and text chat, as well as screen sharing. 

If it all sounds a little like a dating app, it should. The MSDW events team designed Solution Match 2021 with a few goals. First, the team wanted to create an online experience with a single focus: solution research through direct meetings. That meant foregoing an expo hall and even an agenda of expert presentations. Second, they wanted to keep attendees in control of their visibility. The only way a sponsoring solution provider sees an attendee is if the provider accepts a meeting request. Third, they wanted attendees to feel like their participation in the event has real value, so the team is rewarding attendees for the meeting they participate in (more on that below).

“The goal of Solution Match is to make solution research fun, easy, efficient, and painless”, said Adam Berezin, MSDW’s CEO and co-founder. “Within the matchmaking platform, Dynamics and Power Platform users and partners have complete control of which solution providers they’ll meet with. They don’t have to worry about getting cornered by sales people or having to listen to pitches for products and services not right for them.”

Among the advantages for users and partners to participate:

  • Sponsoring vendors span a range of business and industry needs in areas like financial management, marketing, training, manufacturing, distribution, and more.
  • It’s time-efficient; attendees can discover multiple new solution options in an hour or less.
  • There’s no travel commitment, meaning users and partners can consolidate months of meetings.
  • There’s no cost to attend – in fact, users and partners are compensated for each qualified meeting.

What was that about rewards? Here's how it works: for every successful meeting an attendee takes, MSDW will reward that attendee with USD$100 in the form of a Digital Visa Card, an Amazon gift card (in eligible locations), or as a charitable donation to one of three international charities. There's no limit to the rewards and only a few simple rules (and you can opt out of rewards all together). You can learn more about the details on rewards and other particulars here.

For Dynamics and Power Platform customers interested in participating, register here by filling out the qualifying questionnaire. We are looking forward to seeing you at Solution Match 2021 for a new and different type of event experience.

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