Six Basics of Preventing Pain in Your ERP Implementation

November 6 2011

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo DaVinci

Over the last decade of being involved with customers and implementation partners for ERP projects, I simply cannot overstate the above sentiment - if you keep everything simple, you make an ERP project smooth and constructive.

About Raman Dhooria

Raman works as Director-Digital at EY India. Prior to that, he has worked as Sales Director and Channel Partner evangelist with SAP India where he has driving the Digital transformation engagements with the customers and partners. Raman had collaborated with during his Microsoft days. He has 20+years of experience with Global and Indian customers across various stages of business applications adoption. He is known in Global Microsoft Dynamics partner ecosystem as a trusted advisor for their growth and success.

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arifhussain's picture

Raman, Nice article and thanks for sharing, the points are very clearly defined. Nowadays in the market Implementation partners not are looking at customer requirements and pains deeply, poor documentation and inexperienced consultants which lead to Implementations getting fail. Microsoft should Initiate every implementation should pass through Microsoft-QA that will improve the Implementations (Make sure all requirements & Deliverables covered) successfully and customer satisfaction.

kardo's picture

Nice helpful information. As for point 3, I believe its hard to control or ensure that the team will remain as is.