Schedule APIs reach GA in Dynamics 365 Project Operations

April 13 2021

As Microsoft transitions its project business management software story to the still-new Dynamics 365 Project Operations, customers and consultants alike must adjust to new ways of building solutions.

In the case of API-based access, we were accustomed to an approach offered by the predecessor to Project Operations, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA). PSA  allowed users to call APIs to do CUD operations (Create, Update and Delete) on entities like Project, Project Task, Resource Assignment, Project Team Member and Project Task Dependency. 

With the introduction of Project Operations, architectural differences have meant we lost that API access. For customers, the need for API access remained strong and their requests are at a peak on today's projects.

Introducing the Schedule API

Microsoft has developed a new set of APIs known as the Schedule APIs to provide Project Operations customers with CUD access to key project-related entities, with some differences.

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