SAP and Microsoft premiere Project Embrace

May 10 2019

SAP announced that Microsoft will be the first cloud partner for its Embrace project. The announcement builds on Microsoft-SAP collaborations which began in 2017 and witnessed the launch of the Open Data Initiative.

Project Embrace is intended to support the digital transformation of SAP customer organizations with Azure, service partners and reference architectures—with the goal of refactoring support costs and improving the performance of SAP apps with S/4HANA on Azure. Embrace includes the SAP MaxAttention and ActiveAttention services, which are aimed at helping customers run hybrid cloud infrastructure on a hyperscaler.

The process of creating Project Embrace began a year ago, when the two companies first coordinated to create a joint roadmap and reference architecture to support S/4HANA on Azure. Additionally, the two companies stated that they are aligning their partner ecosystems.

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