A Push in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community to Get More from MS Connect

May 1 2012

If you've been to a recent Microsoft Dynamics conference, virtual or physical, chances are you've attended a session in which users tell Microsoft product managers of desperately a needed feature that they've been begging for year after year.  And if that feature wasn't already scoped for the next couple releases, chances are that request still won't go very far on its own.

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I have a regular Sunday reminder on my Outlook calendar with a link to the Connect site. I try to attend to this task every week. Some weeks the list has LOTS of items to review and vote on. But other weeks (like last week) there were only TWO items and one of those was an AX item that was of no interest to my GP-Centric life. The site has a few quirks that I dislike: If I'm logged in to my Hotmail account the site detects that my Windows Live Meeting is different than the one I use for GP related links like PartnerSource and GPUG. So that makes it somewhat painful (annoying is a better word) to even GET to the site. Another peeve of mine is that after I scroll down through 30 postings and select one to vote/comment on, when I finish, the site throws me back to the TOP of the list and I have to scroll all the way down to the 31st entry to continue my review. Painful is a good word here because annoying just isn't adequate for this irritation. And lastly, although there will be only ONE item a week in Mark's focus at the end of the year the community will have seen 52 items. And if Microsoft fixed or improved even 25% of that the ACTUAL GP USER will be better off. And it won't have to do with the color of the page or the new ribbon or any other stuff that Microsoft touts in it's marketing campaign. It will be ACTUAL improvements in the way the product WORKS and maybe, just maybe, it won't take 14 years to solve the issue we've had with being able to select a printer AFTER a report is rendered. Good for you Mark!! Mike Lupro - MCP