PowerApps & Flow Updates: Unified Interface; New connectors; Flow designer; CDS training

August 9 2019

Throughout July, the PowerApps team managed to roll out nine new features. Looking back a month earlier, some of the most important updates include PowerApps Portals in public preview, a streamlined validation process for AppSource postings with Azure DevOps Build, Gateway Management through Power Platform Admin Center, or Common Data Service data sharing with Azure AD Security Groups. The preview of ISV Studio is also important, offering a consolidated view of PowerApps and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps.

Partners and users are discussing what's new in the October 2019 preview release of Unified Interface. Among the changes, images are visible in-line with the body of an email while Quick Create forms support rapidly adding, saving and working on records. Admins can also choose a form header style to cater to customers, setting a low-density, high-density read only or high-density with flyout and controls. The third option is default, offering basic controls for editable and web resources. Users can also view email threads as a conversation, better explanation of unsaved work actions, and clearer error notifications

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