Power BI Insights: Referencing tables; Vertical layouts; Route maps; App display problems

August 25 2020

Microsoft Power BI pros share their thoughts on how to reference tables, the pros and cons of vertical visual layouts, map routes and app display problems.

Dynamically referencing tables with a Parameter

Erik Svensen discussed how to reference a column name from one table to another table with the same column name. Currently, this isn't something supported by Power BI. Working with two tables from AdventureWorks, each with a GeographyKey, Svensen leveraged the TableName parameter to retrieve a unique list of values.

An expression error pops up because the parameter is a text value and not a table with fields. He realized that using the #shared function pulls a list of all tables, functions and parameters in a PBIX file, which in-turn can be made into a table and filter based on parameters. Svensen demoed how to get all the GeographyKey values and then change parameters.

Creating a report with a vertical layout

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