Power BI Insights: DAX filters; More uses of Power Query; Merging workbooks; Tracking ticket assignments

November 10 2019

Power BI pros share insights on using the RSCustomDaxFilter, managing basic databases with Power Query, merging workbooks and more.

Working with the RSCustomDaxFilter

Power BI Report Builder users creating DAX queries may notice what seems to be a new DAX function: RSCustomDaxFilter. In fact, according to Chris Webb, the RSCustomDaxFilter gets replaced with DAX filter function filtering for specific years.

"It's just a placeholder for a dynamically-generated DAX expression that is substituted in at runtime," he wrote. This particular filtering function is helpful because it's hard to handle multiple DAX parameters without knowing how many values will get passed to the parameters.

Sometimes issues crop up, when a DAX query that is too long to run gets generated. Webb admitted he wasn't sure of the maximum number of characters, but offered a guess and shared a custom DAX example that serves as a partial workaround.

Managing a basic database with Power Query

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