Power BI Insights: Custom format strings; Writing DAX; New financial dataset

October 29 2020

Microsoft Power BI pros share their latest tips on custom format string, writing DAX and a newly released financial dataset.

Creating custom format strings

Microsoft MVP Matt Allington discussed how to apply custom format strings in Power BI Desktop, writing on the Excelerator BI blog. First announced back in February, the capability only recently became available. After users write a measure in Power BI Desktop they are redirected to the Measure Tools menu where the measures appear in the formula bar. A number of default formatting options are available in a dropdown, but by navigating to the More Number Formats option and the Custom setting, users will see a wide range of examples they could base a custom format string off of.

Allington noted that any font or coloring settings won't cut and paste from format strings. Users may need to "escape" some keyboard characters with a backslash if they want it to appear properly.

Writing DAX with Power BI Desktop

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