Podcast Review: Learning more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

January 29 2020

Microsoft published 2020 release wave 1 plans for both Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, with many updates touching the Human Resources (formerly Talent) and Marketing apps. Microsoft MVP Malin Donoso Martnes joined the MSDW podcast to share her perspectives on both apps and the changes to the product line in recent years.

Making sense of the changes

Martnes pays close attention to the details of new releases, but said that many of the features in the latest release wave aren't relevant to her home market of Norway.

A lot of the leave and absence rules are very specific to each country. I've talked to HR departments all across Scandinavia and differences in what you could register in the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish markets. Some things you were obligated to register  [in one country] that you couldn't do in other countries, and there are even bigger differences between the US and Norway.  I know with Finance and Supply Chain Management, they have a lot of country-specific rules in the Finance section. I'm looking forward to when HR is there.

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