Order automation in a world of Amazonian expectations

December 10 2018

In the rarified world of elite corporate branding I have often seen the sly subliminal “message” hidden in the Amazon logo:

The arrow below the word amazon has several interesting qualities. It goes from “a to z” indicating that you can get everything you need at Amazon.

It looks like a smile giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

My question, why does nobody ever point out this:  The Amazons were famous for being all women and for hating men. No men were allowed to live alongside the Amazons. They were an entirely female tribe.

You would think that cuts the e-commerce giant's customer base in half!

But I digress.

Over coffee this morning I decided that I needed a new pair of cross training athletic shoes to hit the fancy gym that just opened around the corner.

About Peter Joeckel

Peter Joeckel, president and founder of TurnOnDynamics, has been a leader in mid-market ERP market since 1986 when his company installed some of the first network based manufacturing systems in the country. He has consistently been recognized for his ability to match the right solution for a customer's needs rather than "pushing boxes of software".

As a business owner, Peter built and eventually sold one of the fastest growing and forward thinking value added software dealerships in the country; Catalyst Evaluation Centers. Its success was fueled by innovative software selection techniques and an outstanding project delivery team. Catalyst was sold in 1999 to Vectrix (an e-commerce provider) when it had grown from zero to $6 million in annual revenue with over three hundred customers and over 45 employees in less than three years.

With a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations research from the School of Engineering and Applied Science from Columbia University in New York, Peter began his ERP consulting career while working with Price Waterhouse in their manufacturing systems consulting group. His educational and early work experience put him in a unique position to see the potential for PC based manufacturing systems for small and medium sized companies. Since that time Mr. Joeckel has assisted in the selection and implementation of hundreds of ERP solutions.

Today Peter focuses on helping companies select and implement ERP solutions by utilizing advanced tools and processes that increase the likelihood of successful projects. His primary goal is to continue to improve those tools and processes to build value for customers in the ERP selection and implementation process. When done correctly, there is no "sales cycle" for the potential client, only a smooth transition from the selection to implementation process.

Specialties: Selection and implementation of ERP software solutions with a focus on the Microsoft Dynamics line of ERP products including Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) and the flagship product in the Microsoft Dynamics line of ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta).

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