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New Microsoft Dynamics GP Short Story: Collections, Month End Close, and...Muscle?

by Jason Gumpert

Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant, MVP, and author Mark Polino has released his latest work of fiction - with a GP twist of course.  As has become his trademark, "Wiseguy" weaves light-hearted movie caricatures and practical Dynamics GP lessons into an easy reading short story format.

The story is available from Polino's blog, and a promo code from Reporting Central will get you a discount off the already more-than-reasonable $.99 price tag.

"Wiseguy" follows the introduction of twenty-two year old, tough guy wannabe Joey into his Italian-American New Jersey family's waste management business. Sound familiar? But in true Polino style, Joey's life in the family business does not go as expected and his entry-level job with the family in "collections" doesn't require the tools (i.e., blunt instruments) he'd been led to believe over the years.  Instead, he finds an accounting department humming along  - legitimately - with Dynamics GP and even the possibility of romance.

Polino worked with Reporting Central on this story and he features The Closer reconciliation tool and The ValidatorGP prominently, along with Dynamics GP's Collections Management, Scheduled Payments, and EFT for Receivables modules.

What becomes of Joey and his fanciful wiseguy dreams? But beware - as you find yourself turning the pages (all five of them) to find out what happens, you just might learn something about accounting best practices...

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