MSDW Podcast: Mobility strategy and planning with Ivan Stano of Resco

March 15 2022

This episode is sponsored by Resco.

There is an important deadline looming for Dynamics 365 Field Service customers and the future of their mobile application strategy. Ivan Stano, COO of Resco, joins us to discuss that change in direction and customers' options. We also discuss some of the broader mobile technology challenges faced by Microsoft customers today, interesting future-looking tech, and Resco's plans in the Dynamics 365 space beyond field service.

Show Notes:

  • 2:00 - Understanding the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app transition
  • 5:00 - Evaluation criteria when deciding between Resco's field service solution and Microsoft's new Power Apps-based solution
  • 7:15 - Reco's deeper mobility history with Microsoft
  • 9:30 - Observations on the recent growth of D365 Field Service overall
  • 13:00 - The future of service industry investments at Microsoft
  • 14:00 - New capabilities developed by Resco in areas like augmented reality, guides, and more
  • 16:30 - The new mobility landscape with field services - how will organizations make the decision between their options
  • 20:00 - Why offline remains such a big challenge
  • 24:00 - Resco's plans in other parts of the Dynamics 365 space like Business Central
  • 25:00 - Resco's presence at DynamicsCon 2022

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